i love

I am the artist behind Amy Harper Fotografie.  I am also mother to Amia, Tyrus, Maxwell, and Lavinia, and cat mum to Calvin the & Hobbes, our unruly snow mink bengal cats.  I married my sweetheart scientist Tom in 2000 and we've been having adventures ever since. You'll find me in the village of Nuenen where we are slowly renovating a home from the 1860's.  
Developing photography skills is a life long love affair. From watching my dad with his old Vivitar when I was tiny to buying my own camera in Idaho at an estate sale, I find joy & expression behind the camera.

raised on classics & classical music

i'm a dreamer


city walks

gardens & flowers

real moments


old-fashioned letters

As parents, grandparents, friends and family gather to celebrate your marriage, past and future combine in a moment of pure joy that seldom repeats itself.  These moments deserve to be safeguarded, remembered and cherished. 

I believe in ensuring your wedding experience is world-class. I'm passionate about providing you with unforgettable quality & service because I understand the enormity of my work.  My pictures will help you relive the landscape of your love story over and over again.  

I believe that love comes first.  People come first.  That is ultimately why, out of all the forms of photography, I choose to photograph weddings.  Its when love wins.

I believe the marriage is greater than the wedding day

My Philosophy