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At D’n Kleine Dommel, seeing is believing. Discover 5 reasons this rustic family friendly restaurant might just be the wedding location you are looking for.

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April 23, 2024

D’n Kleine Dommel: Discover 5 Reasons This Wedding Location Is A Contender

view from balcony into wooden beam rafters at D'n Kleine Dommel
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Rich in history and deceptively simple in design. Take a look behind the scenes of the Van Goghkerkje, my #1 small wedding location in Nuenen.

Wedding Locations, BTS, Dutch Wedding Experience, Nuenen, Weddings

April 2, 2024

The Van Goghkerkje: Nuenen’s #1 Small Scale Big Impact Wedding Location

View from the kitchen into the Church Hall full of wooden chairs and pews
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You’re looking for a one stop English speakers resource for weddings in the Netherlands I hear you and that is why I’ve organised the Dutch Wedding Experience group on Facebook. As an English speaking expat myself, I too have put in the time learning Dutch and using Google Translate to get myself around in my […]

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March 26, 2024

Launching the Dutch Wedding Experience: 7 Reasons Why You Need This Incredible Resource In Your Life

a silver vintage wedding ring hangs perched on a branch with pink buds and a white background